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Thread: Need Advise - Back and Stomach pain

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    Default Need Advise - Back and Stomach pain

    Hi Everyone,

    Just sitting at work and the pain in my lower back and stomach is killing me....just like period pain. I don't think I can sit down for much longer!

    Any thoughts on what this could be? Is it normal? I'm currently 33 weeks


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    Are the pains constant, or on and off pains??

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    Taia's Mum Guest


    in my back it's constant, in my stomach it's on and off

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    You need to start timing the stomach pains - if they arent regular, then they are just braxton hicks, mixed with some back pain. I had constant back pain due to a posterior bubs. If you have regularly spaced contractions, and getting closer, you need to get to get to hospital, even just to make sure. If you are in early labour, they earlier you get checked, the better chance they have of stopping it. Sorry if i have scared you

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    Taia's Mum Guest


    I thought that maybe the case! God no early labour please! But if this BH then god it hurts!

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    BH do hurt, because they are preparing your body for labour. But time the contractions, And let me know. I'll be waiting

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    Natty, how you going there??

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    Taia's Mum Guest


    ok so the last one was at 9.49am - so i think it's safe to say it's BH - very painfull BH!

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    Time to start practising your breathing techniques get ready for the real thing! Thats good its only BH though Take it easy

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    Taia's Mum Guest


    Oh god I think the labour will kill me after feeling those BH!

    Thank you for your advise!

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    Natty, how are you sitting at work? Try to make sure (I know how uncomfortable it can be) you're sitting forward in the chair, towards the front of the seat with your back straight. I also remember that I really POPPED outwards with the baby belly at that stage of my pregnancy so it could be also everything stretching - ligaments etc to accomodate your growing baby.

    Good luck hon, it sounds like they're BH and you're right - they are sometimes really painful.

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