thread: New hospital rule - no shaving/waxing in last 4 weeks....??

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    Oct 2004
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    New hospital rule - no shaving/waxing in last 4 weeks....??

    Has anyone else been met by this new requirement? Went to my 1st midwife appointment at the Logan Hospital and was told they are now asking women not to shave or wax their nether regions in the last 4 weeks before their due date! *L*

    Now we're all going to look like out-of-control woolly mammoths downstairs during labour. Better warn my sister....just in case she has any plans for wanting to see baby crown! *LOL*

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    Feb 2005
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    :-s wow becka - i have never heard of this! i wonder why? maybe in case of an emergency c/s? although i dont know why you couldnt before that either?

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    Feb 2005

    Did they say why? That sounds a bit silly to me.

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    Oct 2005

    That is absurd....

    My MIL is a mid wife (I know lucky me - however she is strict, and am sure she would’ve mentioned to me by now if this was a rule)

    Maybe this might be the hospital's preference!!!
    Good luck with defying the rules…..ask them though if it is for medical reasons, if there is a reason for their request it might be easier for you/us all to accept the unrealistic request!!

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    Oct 2004
    Back in Brisvegas :)

    Ok, just found the phamplet and apparently it is to prevent infection. I guess if you think about it, it kinda makes sense. A bad shaving or in particular, wax job could leave you with open pores susceptible to infection.

    I will ask my OB week after next just for clarification but apparently it is a new part of the hospital's policy. I'm going to shave up until 36wks and then do like they ask - I figure one scary hairy is the same as the next! *LOL*

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    I think maybe it's just a precaution they personally want to take. I don't see how if you get waxed 4 weeks prior that there'll be any "open" pores, pores are open anyway?? Understandably if there is a cut from shaving. Anyway I'll be booking in to see my beautician this week as I want to be all preened for the big day! LOL Luckily my hospital hasn't made any recommendations about such things.

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    I can see their point from an infection control view, and I guess they put the '4 weeks prior' on it just in case - you could be early. My Ob/hospital hasn't mentioned anything like this to me.

    Is a careful scissor 'trim' out of the question LOL - I couldn't even see my toes last pg....Good luck!!!

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    Jul 2004
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    How strange, I have never heard that before, but I guess it does make a bit of sense? I wonder how long it will be before/if all hospitals adopt the same rule?

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    Apr 2004
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    Hi - I asked my doctor and the midwife about this, this week, thinking I could be better prepared if I did it myself the night before.

    And they both said no - I'm having an elective CS this month and the OB doing it is very particular about it being done on the day.

    I still plan on having my brows done though !


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    Jan 2005
    8,276 one mentioned anything about this to be - I got my bikini line waxed 2 weeks ago (so 37 weeks), thinking I'd rather it were done incase I need a c/s, cos I don't want the OB trying to shave me on the day etc..oh well, can't do much about it now..

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    Feb 2005
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    I was waxed a week before DS was born (he was a week early though) and nobody cared... in fact my midwife laughed when I said at least I wouldn't have regrowth and stitches at the same time! She said it's very common to come in hairless these days.