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Thread: No Appetite and Not Eating

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    kerry Guest

    Default No Appetite and Not Eating

    Ok I have lost my appetite.

    Who has it and where are you hiding it?

    I know someone has stolen it because surely it is not normal for someone to not want to eat, ever. If I just let my body do what it wanted I could literally go days without eating.

    Yes I still am suffering m/s, although nowhere near as bad as it was, but even when I had the worst m/s I could still manage to feel hungry enough to actually eat. Now I am never hungry. I just have no interest in food and don’t want to eat anything. I sit there at every meal slowly forcing myself to eat. Last night it took nearly an hour to eat a small piece of salmon and some salad. I only ate because I felt I have to for bigfoot’s sake.

    Is this normal? Should I mention it to my OB on Wednesday?

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    Hi kerry

    I not got it, honest.

    It sounds like your hormones are playing up.
    It is not unusual for you net to feel like eating but I'm glad you are making yourself eat. I can not think of much advice for you apart from trying different foods. You may find something that you want to eat.
    I think it's a good idea to mention it to your OB he/she may have some ideas to help you

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    Melinda Guest


    You know my appetite used to come and go quite a bit too, Kerry.

    There were times when if I didn't remind myself to eat, that I simply would have forgotten all about it as I wasn't hungry. Other times I found myself grazing all day as I always felt peckish!

    I know that towards the end I couldn't consume too much in one go as I felt full after only a few mouthfuls of food........

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    Lee-Ann Guest


    I lost my appetite too in my 3rd Trimester. I found it really hard to find something to entice me to eat. Not that I minded as I didn't put on too much weight in my last trimester, one week I actually lost a kilo as I couldn't eat, but within a couple of weeks I put the kilo back on.

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