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Thread: Is this normal??

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    Default Is this normal?? Any advice would be appreciated

    Well last Sunday i woke up a bit unwell but managed just thought bubs was exhausting me during the night (as per ususal).
    Then by tuesday felt like i had a bad hayfever, but by thursday I started getting the sore throat, and by friday i started the dreaded cough!
    On friday night however at about 11ish, i started getting pains on the side of my stomach, accross my uterus and into my vagina, i got back pain, and bubs had dropped (the night before), due to that i started timing them, from 11pm i was getting them roughly every 15 min, lasting from about 30 secs to a min, one or two lasted 3-4minutes, i got them for about an hour and half, i was giving it two hours before i told anyone or did anything, but by the 2 hr mark i was hardly getting them at all and when i did get them they felt more like BH then anything else. So i didnt do anything about it. Although very achy from all the pain

    Told Rick the following day, who told me off for not saying anything earlier. I woke up on saturday feeling really horrible but got on with my day, the same with sunday and today.
    Im getting BH more and more but nothing regular, very uncomfortable, a few of them have been painful.
    Bubs has moved up though not completely where he was but not as far down as he was friday night.

    Is this normal? to be getting painful BH's?? or was it something more?? they were really painful.

    Should i be doing anything (besides taking it easy), im taking cough drops and panadol, but am also unsure what else to take that is safe, to move the cold from off my chest.
    Also would it be b/c of the coughing and being sick with a cold?
    My next m/w app not til 20th April.

    Ive been feeling weird for the last wk before getting sick and now been sick for a week.
    Im still getting lots of movement and they are uncomfortable, im assuming he running out of room.
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    Sounds like you are going through a tough time atm. You certianly would be feeling worse for wear if you have a cold. I don't think that there is anything else you can take for the cold. I would speak to your OBS or midwife and see if they have any other suggestions.
    I can't answer the BH q cos, I haven't been getting any, but it sounds fairly normal to me. He probably is running out of room. My bubs has been quiet the past few days, but is starting to get more active this morning. I don't get as many kicks now, more big movements.
    Alan might pop in and give some advice.
    I hope you feel better soon.
    Make sure you rest when you can and drink plenty of fluids.

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    Yes it sounds like BH to me. Some BH can be quite painful and yet otheres you may only just be able to feel. There is not much that you can do for your cold apart from whar you are doing now. Somw people find that a hot lemon drink (Lemsip) may help them feel better.

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