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    kirsty_lee Guest

    Question Normal???

    Hey Girls,

    So yesterday and this morning i've had a sore tummy. And my belly seems to have gotten bigger just in a matter of 2 days. But i did have a bit of gastro yesterday so maybe thats why my tummy is sore? Bubs is still moving around normally but it just feels sort of like pulled muscles/tired muscles sort of thing... is this to be expected with only having just over 11 weeks to go?

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    The fun continues til bub arrives!!

    Its probably all your muscles stretching to accomodate bubs growth

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    Ive felt the 'tired' feeling in my tummy, usually when ive been standing for too long, or for a while. Havent really had a sore tummy, so it could be because of the say if bubs is still moving and active then all should be okay, if ur still worried maybe call the midwives or your GP or OB.

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    well I have had a sore tummy too feels very tender even to touch, usually of a night time when im sleeping and go to roll over makes it a bit difficult. I am 28 wks pregnant I have just put it down to the fact that i am already so huge for 28 weeks, maybe he's goin to be another big baby, i also find if hes in an akward postion it makes my whole belly hard andhurt. Hot showers help me when it gets really bad, and yeah if bubbys still moving around it should all be okay. But it doesnt hurt to pop the question at your next ante natal visit.


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    I went into the hospital with sore "gastro" like tummy symptoms and ended up in hospital for 4 days with a kidney infection and then got flown out as I was going into early get it checked out!!!

    My tummy aches if I stand up too much, I get stabbing pains if I roll over too quickly and I get regular cramping I'm not having a good run!!! and that's not including my back, gestational diabetes and a few other problems!!!

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