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Thread: Not engaged at 39 weeks

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    Default Not engaged at 39 weeks

    I'm almost 39 weeks, and this bubba (our first) is still sitting high ( i still get a bum wiggling into my diaghram!). Does it matter that the head hasn't engaged? I know I've read somewhere that bubs can engage during labour, but how does labour get going without the head pressing on the cervix? I have been getting alot of pressure in my pubic area, and over a few evenings, I've had small runs (about 4) of braxton hicks, so somethings happening, but not much. Just wondering as I don't really want to go late, but is this likely with bubs sitting so high still?

    thanks (hope this makes sense!)

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    A lot of women go into labour without their bub being engaged. A friend of mine did, and she only had a 6 hour labour. I know you would prefer not to overdue, but you've still got until 42 weeks for bub to engage. Hang in there, and try to think positive thoughts.

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    It doesn't matter. Honestly it doesn't
    It might mean you go a bit late...but it might not. Not much help am I. Recently I had a client who had an unengaged baby still at 41 weeks - went into labour at 41w4d and had a three hour labour. Trust your body, and your baby they know what they're doing

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    I had a growth and development scan when I was 34w6d. DS's head was low down but definitely not engaged. I went into labour about 42hrs later and DS was born about 45hrs later. So it seems it can all happen very quickly.

    I hope you don't have to wait too much longer.... :goodluck2:

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    It is not a problem hun. As others have said sometimes bub will not engage until you are in labour

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