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Thread: Not engaged late into first pg

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    Default Not engaged late into first pg

    am 37w5d pg and as yet my little bigfoot has not engaged or fixed or whatever the termn is. My Ob and his midwives don't seem worried as s/he has been heads down bum up since 34w but my family and friends are starting to stress me...

    "what its not engaged yet, first babies are always engaged by now"

    "you know this isn't normal don't you?"

    "You will probably need a c/s"

    Is it so abnormal for a first baby to not be engaged by now? Should I be concerned?
    Is there anything I can do to help the little monster get moving down into position?
    Or is it possible that the baby knowns my pelvis isn't that stable and is just waing until the time is right? (I have SPD and a hypermobility disorder so the OB thinks it wont take much pressure for things to start happening)

    Sorry to ask such stupid neurotic questions but its starting to stress me.

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    I don't know the answer, but I do remember Alan posting some tips to get the baby to engage. I wish I could remember which post

    Edited to add sorry I think that was to make the baby turn around

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    Please DO NOT PANIC! You are 'normal' you won't 'need a c/s' and some first babies just don't engage until labour!

    Lindsay didn't engage until labour had started and boy did I know the difference. I did worry that I would go over b/c he hadn't but not once did my dr tell me that was a problem, he just said he will engage when he is ready. the only time bubs engaged before labour was Paige, and she was #3.

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    I know lots of first time mums that had this happen - don't be alarmed! Babies just have their own agenda, and don't be bullied into a C/S unless something else is going on to indicate there could be a problem. This isn't even one
    Kelly xx

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    As I said to you before Kerry (sorry, must have missed this post!) -
    Aidyn never engaged fully (or even halfway) yet my waters broke at 39 weeks, I had to be induced to due to lack of contractions, however I didnt end up needing a c/s or any other intervention.
    I'm sure you will be just fine sweetie!

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    even when babies do engage its not uncommon for them to disengage. Yasin did that.

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    Hi Kerry

    Don,t worry hun.

    Not all first time babies engage before labour. Bigfoot may decide to get down there tonight or he may decide to wait until labour starts before he gets engaged. This in its own is not a reason for a C/S.

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    kerry Guest


    Not too stressed about the c/s from the OB point of view as he wont do them and only believes in them if it is life or death for mum or bubs its just all the stupid family and friends around me freaking me out but you have all made me feel alot better about it so

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