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    hi, im new and only just found this site, i was searching for info. on the condition obstetric cholestasis as i have suffered from it in my last pregnancy and im now pregnant with no. 6!! i was not told much about it last time, and since researching more now im starting to get very concerned. has anyone else here suffered from this condition? its pretty scary and im feeling very alone - because it is so rare, i dont know anyone else whos had it but most of the info has freaked me out as the end result is not good for bub. It would be good to hear from anyone else who can give me advice or support many thanks, julie

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    Hi Jullyn, welcome to BB. I had never heard of your condition so I had to google it #-o . From the description I do remember someone having it a while ago and they went on to have a lovely healthy baby. I wish I could remember who it was :-k .
    I'm sure that your care providers will make sure that you have the best poissible outcome.

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    Hi, obstetric cholestasis is a liver condition which can sometimes be harmful to the mother and fatal for an unborn baby. I had blood tests done yesterday to determine whether this condition is contributing to my really itchy skin which is often the first symptom of the condition. Most babies whose mothers have the condition are induced by 37 weeks. There is currently an issue of a magazine called Mother & Baby which is available from most newsagents for around $5.95 which has an article about this liver condition, it tells you alittle bit about it and also has a story where they follow one woman's experience with it. It's supposed to be more common in women who are having multiple births but this isn't always the case. Your obsterician/midwife should be able to give you some written info brochures on the condition and what to look out for. I am waiting for a phone call at home today to find out if I have this condition. Best of luck and I hope that you find out something soon.

    Best Wishes

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