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Thread: Overdue scan and monitoring- Alan your input please

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    Isabeau Guest

    Exclamation Overdue scan and monitoring- Alan your input please

    I am overdue 4 days and I had my last midwife appointment on the 13th april which was the due date. The midwife booked me in for Cgt/Ctg lol sorry I forget and an ultrasound for this friday (20th april) anywho she rang yesterday and changed it to the following tuesday (24th april) I had a gf who went overdue and she had already had the monitoring and ultrasound to check the fluid before she was 8 days overdue so I'm wondering if leaving it til 11 days overdue is very safe or reasonable?????

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    Did the midwife give you a referral for an ultrasound - i.e. can you take it and just make an appt somewhere else that can get you in sooner?

    I was 10 days overdue with my son, but u/s was unfortunately not an option for me and I was induced.

    I did have monitoring at the hospital, but just the heart rate /movement stuff, no u/s

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    Isabeau Guest


    No she didn't give me a referral for the U/S

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    becmc Guest


    37-42 weeks is a normal pregnancy, so you aren't really overdue yet. Don't stress, heaps of women go a couple of weeks after their 'due date' with no problems. IMO, you are best to just leave all the tests until later, if they are necessary.

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    sjc Guest


    Isa, I can certainly relate to what you're saying.

    IMO, if worrying about this is causing you stress, then it is certainly worth calling back the clinic/centre and saying something like, "Look, I'm feeling a bit anxious about this and would really prefer to come in for the scan/monitoring before I'm 8 days overdue, just to reassure me. When can I be booked in before then?" It is a completely reasonable request, I could save you a LOT of unnecessary worry between now and tuesday (I was the same- DD was 5 days overdue and at the scan they found her fluid levels were dangerously low, and induced onthe spot. So now that my DS is 10-11 days (!!!) overdue, I asked for monitoring and an U.S. close to 5 days, just for reassurance. And I felt very comfortable about doing so. He's fine- hence still being inside me!- and the scans did a HUUUUGE amount to put my mind at ease).

    And that sorta stress isn't good for you or baby. So if you're at all worried, my advice would be to call the midwives back and see if you can get it any earlier. your bub is probably completely fine, but you sound like you'll cope a lot better if you're reassured.

    Good luck!!

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    Isabeau Guest


    Thanks girls
    I love this site you are all so helpful and reassuring

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