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Thread: Pain in just one spot

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    Percy Guest

    Default Pain in just one spot

    Hi all (can't believe I'm thrid trimester already!! :eek

    Anyways for the last couple of days I've been having this tight pain sensation right on the left side of my rib cage - just where my ribs start. Now I'm assuming that its the baby's foot or head or something jabbing into my side - would this be correct?

    If so is there anything I can do to make the baby move as its really painful and very irritating!


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    Yep - I'd be picking its bubs!
    Not much you can do - you might still find that bubs is floating around for a few more weeks anyway. They tend to start getting "lodged" into really nasty spots after about 33-34 weeks, and thats when it gets even more uncomfy!
    You could try some walking, and some all fours workouts to see if they will move, but usually if I'm getting a really uncomfy jab, I give a bit of a poke back to see if he/she will reposition.
    Good luck!

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    Percy Guest


    Thanks Fi - will try those out!

    Many thanks

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    Mustang Guest


    Lol.... I get thoes Jabbs all the time and i know exactly how you feel. My little bundle likes to keep his foot there and refuses to move it and sometimes if i try and encourage him/her to move, i get a bigger jabb! lol. I have bruses on my right side and feel like sometimes it has broken a rib.. but i find it aslo good because it gives the baby character and quite funny to just scream out, "why you little" and poke the foot back. So enjoy it even though it can hurt, its kinda like a game between you and your baby.... Sometimes ill go and have a cold drink to get back at my baby! :nana:

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