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Thread: Pain at Night

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    Silvi Guest

    Question Pain at Night

    My belly sits kinda low and with only 18 days left I find that at the end of the day I have trouble standing up straight...even after light walking..I have pains in my both my I've pulled both groin muscles...

    Have a Doc's appointment today so will find out why...but is anybody else going through this?

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    I have pains like that. My groins sometimes kill me!
    I've put it down to not resting enough during the day so by the evening my body has had it. I never have those kind of pains in the morning. Not long to go now though!

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    Silvi I had awful pains like that for the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy. It was awful and I had a worse time after resting so when I first got up. I hope the doctor has some relief for you!! I found I had to move around & then have a really hot shower to help.

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    Silvi Guest


    You have put my mind at ease...thankyou Ladies!!!

    Because the pain and pressure I'm feeling now feels like it could be an early delivery...

    Had my appointment today with my ob and he said that baby is just getting ready...gotta see him in another week and he said to me "Hopefully I'll see you here next week" so going by that it could be an early delivery...

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    skorpy Guest


    Yep i get pains like that too,mostly in the groin area,very painful in the mornings when turning and getting out of bed.Im carrying low aswell and have done all through my pregnancy and this is probably why we feel it more because the baby is lieing low and resting on the nerves in that area.Dont worry too much,its all common

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    Oh yeah - count me in, and I'm only 31 weeks!!! Mine is worse after a long time sitting at the computer for work, and it hurts when I walk so I kind of waddle from side to side. The pain is right in where my inner legs meet my groin.

    One thing I've found does help it a lot those is some yoga stretches where you put the soles of your feet together, sit up straight, hold your toes and gently push down towards the ground with your knees. Brings a lot of relief if you do a few

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    Silvi Guest


    Thankyou lady will try out some of those moves...if I can grab my toes that

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