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Thread: Pain/pressure on the pubic bone

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    Default Pain/pressure on the pubic bone

    I am now almost 32 weeks and my bub has been head down since about 22 (maybe a little earlier). She also turned from posterior to anterior about 2 weeks ago (nothing like being cooperative!).

    The last few days I have noticed my pubic bone has been really sensitive and a bit painful both to touch and if I am standing/sitting/putting pressure on it for any period of time. Is this normal? Did anyone else get this?

    Does this get worse when the baby's head engages? And most importantly, is there anything I can do to alleviate it (I don't want to develop the pg waddle just yet, but I'm starting to feel like that's what is happening!!).

    I guess I should be thankful that 'cause she's staying quite low I haven't had any heartburn/indigestion/kicks in the ribs!

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    I got a lot of pelvic pressure once Kynan engaged (about 35w I think). It happened between 2 antenatal check ups - 1 week he wasn't engaged, then next he was so I'm pretty sure that's what was causing all that pressure down there. Not sure about how to relieve it, sorry!

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    This is completely normal. I had this quite bad with all 3 bubs and for the last 5wks or so even walking too far got really painful. I also had to be careful getting up out of chairs and off the floor etc as this hurt too. I would sleep with a thin pillow (even a towel will do) between my legs as it was really bad at night. When sitting can you try to recline a little, just to get the baby's head off your pubic bone? Prop yourself up at the back with pillows if you need to.

    hope this helps.

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    Hi Jennifer

    Sorry hun there is very little you can do for this apart from taking panadol.
    Your body is getting ready for birth. Your body is releasing a hormone called relaxin this makes your joints loose. You have a joint right in the middle of your pubic bone and this is what is causing the pain.
    get ready for the pg waddle, it's not far away

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    Thanks Alan and girls for your comments.

    I saw my ob today and mentioned it to him and he suggested if I got too uncomfortable to try a pelvic support brace. He said if it was winter he'd recommend a belly bra, but I probably wouldn't want that given that it's been hot. I think I agree with him!

    It's not getting any worse and it's really only discomfort more than constant pain, so I'll wait and see, but if necessary the brace sounds like a good idea.

    Anybody used one?

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