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Thread: pain relief

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    I am another one with a positive epidural story. After being convinced I would manage without any pain relief, I ended up having an epidural within an hour of getting to the hospital. But I am really glad I did - I fully dilated within 2 hours and found pushing really easy as I wasn't tired or in pain. And I had a great result - a beautiful healthy son! An epidural doesn't necessarily slow down labour!

    After my positive experience first time, I would certainly consider an epidural again this time - hopefully I'll have time because the first labour was quick and they're supposed to get quicker!

    Good luck with your decision and your birthing experience,

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    OMG, Melanie, I just got completely confused reading your post as I thought :i don't rememeber writing that!!' My user name used to me 'MelanieR', I have a husband called Glenn and son called Jack and a baby due in October! How spooky is that!, lol!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say don't forget about natural methods of pain relief which can be very effective, especially hpynosis. You can also try a warm bath or shower, massage, heat packs and so on.

    My fourth baby is due in October, as mentioned, and I am going to give hypnosis a go this time.

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    I had a positive induction with just using the gas. I was petrified of the needles associated with an epidural & pethadine & once I started using the gas I was fine. It gave me a focus & I quite liked the head spinny, tingly feeling I got from it

    The only thing I didnt like was that I did get spaced out for the majority of my labour. I had no idea of time, place etc & at the time that wasn't a problem but looking back now I wish I had of been more 'switched on' & aware of what stage I was up to etc.

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