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Thread: Pain under my left breast

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    Default Pain under my left breast

    Hi! I am just starting my 7th month of pregnancy with my first child. Everythings been going pretty smoothly until recently I started having this ridiculously painful pain on my left rib cage. It's a bit swollen and extremely painful regardless of what I am doing. I am totally freaked out! Its the weekend and my doctors office is closed and I don't have insurance so I can't just run to the hospital to get checked out unless it's absoultely an emergency. Has anyone experienced this? Should I be worried??? Please help I am totally scared to death and don't know what to do?????

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    HI there and welcome to BB. Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

    Bub's foot isn't getting up under your rib cage is it? Jayden did that constantly from around 7mths and it hurt so much!! Although I'm not sure about it being swollen?? Is it a constant pain or does it come and go? I'm sure everything will be fine but maybe visit your Dr tomorrow to put your mind at ease.

    Best of luck and I hope the pain goes away soon

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    Ooh - sounds liek foot pain to me too. jenna was big on lodging her feet under my ribs and kicking.
    It might also be some ligaments letting go?
    Where abouts are you? Do you have an afterhours number to call?? I'd try that and report in the problems to see what they say.

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    Thanks for responding. I was a wreck yesterday. The pain mixed with emotions and just not knowing what was wrong? And if it could wait? Or if waiting put my baby in any kind of jeopardy? Was getting the absoulte best of me.

    I did call the afterhours number and spoke to an oncall nurse. I got the typical blanket answer "It's hard to make a diagnoses over the phone, you could go the ER if it's hurting that much." Well thats lovely option if u have insurance or qualify for some type of help, but I am paying for this baby 100 percent out of pocket.

    The pains better today. Still there but improving. The babys moving normally, and my blood pressures good, and I don't feel sick or anything so I am thinking (hoping) that I might strained some weird muscle or something and being kicked by lil one might not be helping? I am going into the doctor first thing monday. Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to respond. The internet is such a truely wonderful tool for the panic stricken first time mom to be.

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    I've had something like that under my right breast for about a month now. It is constant so I don't think it was a foot thing. It always gets worse if I am leaning forward even just the slightest bit. I try to alleviate it by sitting up really straight. It feels bruised when I touch it. I don't think it's anything that will harm the baby. Perhaps I have a hernia or something. I decided to wait until I start my appointments at the hospital which is in a couple weeks. I hope you find out what's causing it.

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