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Thread: Pain when DTD...sorry maybe TMI

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    Question Pain when DTD...sorry maybe TMI

    hi all
    since about 12 weeks pg, whenever me and DP try to DTD its way too sore and we have to stop. i thought i might have a UTI or thrush or something and have had urine test at 20 weeks, came back clear, then again at 28 weeks (was very sore and convinced i had something) had a urine test and a HVS and both came back clear...they tested for UTI, thrush, STDs, everything....all negative. MW said to me that down there can get inflamed when your pg getting ready for birth etc but she said it shouldnt hurt alot...
    me and DP DTD a few weeks ago and it was abit sore but it seemed to get less sore as we continued, but then last nite we tried to DTD and after a couple mins i was in tears it was so sore.
    weve tried going slow, diff positions, lube, (sorry prob TMI) but nothing helps.
    so if its not an infection or anything, whats wrong with me?!!

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    i'm not sure. do you have any anxieties in regards to DTD while being pregnant that could be affecting you? sometimes mental perceptions can get in the way of DTD.

    maybe a bit more foreplay to help things along?

    i dont really know but i havent ever heard of it becomming painful during pregnancy, (apart from being a bit dryer and then using lube- but you have tried that). sorry, i cant be more helpful.

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    OMG - can I just say I have been waiting for someone else to post about this - I was too chicken to do it myself. I find it can be a little painful during (but managable) but for the next 12-24hrs after I just ache - like everything is going to fall out down there or something.

    I found this the same last pg and went back to normal after having bubs, but I wondered if it was just me or if there is a reason for this???

    Just thought i would add that it is just the actual 'sex' part that is a problem for me (sorry if TMI). we can do whatever other then that without a problem.

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