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Thread: Pains down low

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    Unhappy Pains down low

    I have been getting awful pains down in my groin ever since bub has dropped. Turning in bed, sitting on a chair, laying down, walking, any thing i do kills.

    Is there any thing i could do to ease these pains or pressure??

    I know its all normal but im sick of bursting into tears each time i try to move. Its really getting to me

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    Oh Kim - big hugs for you. its all completely normal I'm afraid I had Jenna bumping in and out of engagement for several weeks, and its so uncomfy.
    Its certainly worse when you are moving around more - like walking, but then its also not too good for you to just blob out for the next few weeks either.
    You could try and get some relief from a physio/chiro/osteo or someone similar. You could also try applying some heat packs to the general area. Warm showers or baths help, and if its really bad, dont be afraid of popping some panadol or even panadiene. You also might want to get out the fitball and do some sitting on that, try some of the labouring positions as they might also provide some relief for your muscles/ligametns.
    The next few weeks wont be easy, but you'll get there.

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    hi there,
    I know exactly how you feel i am due in 7days and i have the exact same problem what i do is try to have a long hot soak in a hot bath and when you hop out your body will be sooo thankful....
    But beware sometimes hoping in and out can be a really difficult thing so make such you have you hubby there or someone to especially help you out of the bath or you may do damage or get yourself stuck in the

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    I just started getting this yesterday - there is so much pressure and it feels like sometimes bub is bouncing up and down in my pelvis. I just hope it is a sign that something might happen soon. Last night she was so low I could feel it in my bum.

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