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    Feb 2004

    Pelvic Floor Exercises

    As mentioned in another thread, at our antenatal class last week, we were told how to do our pelvic floor exercises & I was asked to post how it was explained to us. Just so you know, I am telling you everything I took in, sorry if I miss some vital step that someone else knows of. Aaaand if anyone else has been told differently, please feel free to share as well

    Okey dokey. First you have to work out how long & how many exercises you can do. Before pregnancy they say that the average is 6 squeezes, 6 seconds long, although it does vary. It's expected that during pregnancy your muscles are not as strong due to all the relaxin flowing round.

    So, to feel how many you can do, put a finger just inside your vagina & squeeze like you're stopping a wee. You should feel the muscle grab. Hold for about 4secs, then release for 4 secs. Keep doing that until the muscle is weaker. However many you did comfortably is what you will have to do from now on!

    Then after a little while (let the muscle relax) you check to see how long you can do them. Hold for as long as you can then let go, counting as you go. If you can't feel the muscle let go, it's weakened & you held for too long. Wait about 4 secs and try again. Keeping doing that, waiting 4secs in between until you work out how long is comfortable.

    So then you should have an amount & a time, say 4 lots of 3secs (everyone will be different). It's suggested you do them about 6 times a day, no need for the finger though, that's just the initial testing thing. Our physio suggested so you remember, every 2nd time you go to the loo, pull your pants up, do your exercises then leave the cubicle (it does help you remember!!). Then every 3-4 weeks, check again with your finger as your muscles might have gotten stronger.

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    Thanks for posting that Sarah! I just typed up a post in the antenatal classes thread to ask if you'd posted it somewhere else and thought I should have a look first before I submitted the post LOL.

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    Feb 2004

    No worries Angel, glad to help

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    Thanks heaps Sarah, that makes a lot more sense.

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    I just got confused by what our physio told us. She said that it isn't just a squeeze but you have to make sure that you are pushing forward as well. After pushing forward you have to pull up like an elevator in the building and then hold it at the top floor for as long as you can. It confused me so much that it has put me off doing the exercises. Sarah, your exercises seem much easier.

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    Aug 2004

    haha, Morv, that explanations is pretty funny.

    Thanks for that Sarah

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    Thanks Sarah for the explanation for the exercises. I'll be practicing like this from now on.

    The other place I practise when whenever I get a red light. You can usually get through a good spell of exercises before it turns green again.

    Something for you all to think about next time you get a red light!


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    I was also told that every now and then if you stop mid-wee and hold for a few seconds, it can help.
    We also did some exercises where we sat on our knees with our arms on a chair. We had to tilt our pelvis up and down whilst holding the muscles. It was all rather involved (and would have looked rather interesting from behind!). We also did some other exercises sitting on the edge of a chair and tilting our pelvis. I have to admit, I haven't done any of those since!

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    We were told Deb that if you stopped actually mid wee that a little bit can stay in your bladder & could cause an infection....