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Thread: Peppermint foot creams/scrubs??

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    Default Peppermint foot creams/scrubs??

    Hi ladies i am planning on treating myself to a pedicure on friday and wondered whether peppermint foot scrubs/creams were ok to be used. I will be almost 35 weeks and would love to have my wee feeties pampered so phoned up to book in at a place close to me and asked if it was pregnancy friendly. She told me the salts, scrub and cream has peppermint, tangerine and lavender in them. so i guess she has covered herself. I txt my midwife who said it should be fine but wondered if anyone else knew anything? I am thinking it will be fine as it is just moisturiser and not essential oils being put directly onto my skin as the percentage will be pretty low but again just checking. any thoughts?

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    I can't tell you truthfully whether it would be ok or not for sure, but the oils sound harmless. It may be more about where she massages your foot - reflexology type sites of the foot might be sensitive when pg, and perhaps should not be stimulated.

    Apart from that it sounds like a wonderful decadant thing to do. Enjoy.

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