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Thread: pimples!!

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    DoubleK Guest

    Default pimples!!

    i have never had completely clear skin, but lately i have had soooo many pimples on my face, chest, even under my boobs (mainly in the hot weather)

    everyone tells me its my hormones, but still its so annoying!!! every photo i have taken of myself turns out horrible! so i now get my partner to take pics of my belly, from the neck down!

    anyone else as frustrated as me??!!

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    :smt039 I'm hearing you over here!

    I normally never get pimples expect for the odd spot around AF.

    Now I get them all the time - not heaps badly but I'm so pale and as soon as one breaks out it's all red and blotchy and gross!! So very noticeable!!

    I'm glad people understand that its hormones but it doesn't help does it!!!

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    Cee_Cee99 Guest


    I know what you all mean, i have however found the cure for my skin... I have always had a rash like pimple situation on my face / neck/sholders... My wonderful (but expensive) beautician sold me this hormonal cream which she makes and within 2 days my skin was clear. It is for pregnant women, so is safe, I used it for my wedding a few weeks ago and I did not have a single zit. I left it at home during my honeymoon and within 2 days I had zits again / and these yucky dry patches.. When I got back, again within 1 day of using the cream my skin was clear again.

    Her salon is called "Skin & Tonic" it is in Paddington in Sydney. You could probably buy some wtih your credit card and she will send to you. I think it is like $115 for a pump which has lasted me 4 months so far and I think I have at least another 1-2 months of it left... this really is the only product that has ever worked for me.

    PS I do not work there or have any affliation with the salon at all.

    Hope this helps..
    For my neck/shoulders/back I used diluted tea tree oil (in prep. for my wedding, now I don't care about them) he hee...

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