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    Question Pineapple juice

    Hey all I was just wondering if pineapple juice will have the same effect as eating pineapple itself, my "pre-labour" pains have intensified today so I thought I would try a few things, am having a curry for dinner tonight as well

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    Not sure...but I have heard that if you eat the pineapple it must be fresh, not tinned. So maybe bottled juice wouldn't work??? Sorry, not sure!

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    i tried to do both when i was pg, but every time i bought a pineapple it turned out to be rotten ( i ended up going n getting fresh juice from a juice bar) i tried that & many other things to try get bub going & by the time i got to my 41 week antinatal app i was 2cms n didnt even no it!!! dont no if it was the pineapple tho, i also tryed long walks, squats & sex lol

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    I thought it needs to be fresh pineapple? So if you are juicing it yourself then I would've thought it'd be just as good.

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    Doubtful. If pineapple juice sent you into labour - I'd pop any day. I live off the stuff! My absolute favourite food is "Seaworld" tropical fruit salad (watermelon, honey dew, rock melon, pineapple and strawberries), so yeah. I'd have no problems eating whole ones come my due day, but it would be just like any other day. More nummie fruit!