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Thread: pins and needles?

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    Default pins and needles?

    Dont know if this is normal but the last few days iv have been feeling kind of like a pins and needles feeling just below my right rib. I know his foot is there as I can feel him kicking all the time and see it poking out. Does anyone else seem to get these feelings. And oh lately he wont stop moving which is great but all day long he kicks and I remember the nurses always saying to count the kicks and check that there has been at least ten well there would have to be at least ten within ten minutes a day. I wonder if he will be this active when I meet him......I cant wait. 7 1/2 weeks feels like forever and ever.

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    I never had pins and needles with DD but my ribs were always sooo sore!!

    As long as ur getting kicks all sounds well.....all the best for the next 7 weeks... it will fly!!!

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    Pins and needles are very common especially in places where a foot, arm, etc has been sticking out for more than a few hours

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