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Thread: Plans, Packing and Shopping

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    Unhappy Plans, Packing and Shopping

    Just wondering when everyone else began making a birth plan (if you had/have one). I feel its the time to start doing one, but i keep changing my mind on things. I dont want it to sound silly or make it look like i can handle it all when i dont really know until labour starts IYKWIM.

    Also When should i pack my baby bag and labour bag. I have read what others pack, so i have a rough idea. Without a doubt i'll probably pack like im going on holidays and not need most of what i take. Better to be safe then sorry though dont they say?! LOL

    Im starting to get stressed out as well in regards what to buy for bub. Like clothes, bath things etc.

    I have all my nursery furniture (looks so cute all set up), pram, bouncer, change table. But it seems the basics i dont have nor know what to buy......sorry if that sounds silly!!

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    Nah it doesn't sound silly at all. I started packing my hospital bag around 35 weeks and have just finished packing my labour bag. I have 3 bags, 1 for my hospital stay, 1 for labour and 1 for baby. Most hospitals will have a list of what is needed and what is provided, so maybe ask your hospital for their list & compare it to others you can find. I'll dig up some previous threads on this for you.

    Birth Plan

    I have packed in my labour bag:
    2 poweraides
    3 musli bars
    1 packet lollies
    aromatherapy oils
    massage oil
    massage aides
    heat packs
    wheat bags
    cd's & mp3 player
    DH's swimmers for the shower...

    For my hospital bag:
    2 pairs track suit pants - black
    1 pair maternity jeans
    10 pairs old daggy underwear
    3 maternity bras
    1 pair flip flops
    5 tops of different standards ranging from daggy pj to decent enough to wear home
    (last time I stayed for 4 days so I wanted to be prepared)
    2 packs maternity pads
    1 book
    1 trashy magazine that I refuse to look at until in hospital
    1 roll toilet paper

    Baby bag:
    1 x 0000 bonds wondersuit
    1 x muslin wrap
    3 x 0000 body suits
    1 pair booties that a friend knitted for her
    3 pair socks
    1 pair mittens
    Our hospital provides clothes so I figure thats all I need
    1 pack newborn nappies
    handful of samples of organic moisturiser for the baby
    1 bottle organic massage oil for the baby

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