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Thread: A Poem To My Baby: I Am Sure Most Will Relate

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    Smile A Poem To My Baby: I Am Sure Most Will Relate

    I worte this as today I went for a walk along the beach to encourage my bowels and to hope it would encourage my baby to come, but now I have to take Panadene that was prescribed for me when I severly hurt my back to hope to god the pain form my inner thighs goes so I can walk even around the house. I am in agony and only have 5 days till his due date and 8 till he definetelty comes out. hope you enjoy my humour in this poem. I will show him when he is old enough to understand.

    B]The Joys of Pregnancy![/B]

    It all began with missing my regular date with Aunty Flow, A monthly annoying visitor, skipping me to little I knew would make me miss her.

    The first 12 weeks were bad, I was tired, cranky and sad, my pretty face was covered in zits, and I had really sore tits.

    God must have made up that Ďpregnancy makes women glowí, cause if the truth was told; the growth of population would have been slow, and everyone would be so old.

    Why was it the womenís role to bake, we actually enjoy wearing nice clothes and looking as skinny as a rake.

    First my belly was chubby, now I could give Santa a run for his money. Everything has seemed to grow, I really just pray that god will be kind and make all this extra body go.

    40 weeks is too long, what am I meant to do with my time? Everything I did for fun I cannot do as my big belly makes it impossible for me too.

    Shopping, drinking, and all extreme sports are what I did to put me in a good mood, no wonder pregnant women turn to the joys of food.

    But now even that sucks for goodness sake, I get heart burn and then I cannot even enjoy my cake!

    The video man knows my middle name, oh my god I have become so LAME!

    And as I could not see the end in sight, I begged to be put under the knife, you see Xavier I needed to know I only had a little further to go.

    I still havenít given up on you coming naturally, so today I went for a walk to see if I could entice my little bundle to come out by himself gracefully.

    But it backfired in my face; I have ripped my inner thighs from all this weight.

    For all the pain you have inflicted, my beautiful boy you are being evicted!

    People always say that pregnancy is so Ďexciting,í I first I believed them but now paying for a surrogate mother seems much more enticing.

    Donít get me wrong, I love my baby, I just donít want to share my body anymore, I really donít find pregnancy enjoyable I have never been so bloody sore.

    From the tummy aches, and sore back, but donít forget the lack of sleep mummy gets cause she canít lie on her back.

    Xavier you have always gotten cranky with mummy for not sleeping on her back, but I have to lie on my side so I donít stop the blood flow that keeps both of us alive!

    I really canít wait to you come out, so I can find out what motherhood is really about.

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    Thats great hun. I like the name you've chosen too.

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    well done. so true!

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    Your poem is great.

    The pain you feel in your inner thighs is that a muscle strain pain or like a cramping pain? (sorry I just have weird pains dont know what they are)

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    Great poem

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    hey it is muscle pain although it was so bad I thought I had broken something as I coudl not walk, and is a littel better today. I did it power walking on the beach, and I think it was just the wieght of the baby. But if you have pains in your inner thigh it might be that you strained a muscle but as mine did it proberly feels much worse. I could not walk without being assisted i was in agony even though I had 2 panadene. A hot bath worked well. hope yours gets better.

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    Great poem ....I love it

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