thread: Popping sensation at 34 weeks.... what could it be?

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    mum2be Guest

    Popping sensation at 34 weeks.... what could it be?

    Hi I am 34wks pregnant and this is my first pregnancy and I am not sure whats normal.... last night I had this strange popping sensation on the left hand side of my stomach, If you put your hand where it was it made you feel like you had pins and needles in your hand... at first i thought i was crazy so i got my partner to feel it and he could feel it too.... it was strange... I am leaking now but i dont really know if it is my normal leakage or not.... im just pretty much confused, may someone please tell me if this is normal or not... thanks.

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    sorry mum2be I have no idea, but I would recommend phoning your midwives at the hospital or Dr this morning and asking them, or going in. No one will think you are being paranoid and better safe than sorry.

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    Hi Mum2be,
    I agree with Christy, I think you should get it checked out by your midwife or Dr just to be sure.
    Please let us know how everything goes?
    Take care,

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    mum2be Guest

    I went to the doctors, and they found I have a large cyst blocking my cervix it is just a little bigger than a golf ball... They could not explain the popping sensation, but they have told me now I will not be able to give birth naturally and will have to have a c-section. I have struggled with cysts since I hit puberty and the doctors were hoping pregnancy would make this a little better but this is the 3rd cyst they have found in my pregnancy, it is a little dissapointing that I cant deliver normally. I am just hoping I have a healthy baby at the end of it all. Thanx 4 your replies.