thread: Positive GBS (Group B Strep)

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    Sep 2008

    Positive GBS (Group B Strep)

    DOH - I have tested positive to GBS - which means penicillin during labour

    Anyone had any issues who also tested positive?


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    Nov 2007
    Southwest Syd

    I tested positive too, I had no dramas at all!

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    Jun 2008

    Apparently it can come and go, so by the time you have baby, you may not test positive anymore.

    Anyway, yes, I tested positive and did not get to the hospital in time for full minimum dose when I was in labour. Once he was born (and I was in my room) they asked me to stay in hospital a few days (but I was happy to) and on the day he was born someone took him away for blood test which would show up if he was likely to get sick or not. The m/ws were suppose to take Ds temp before every feed but they were busy and I forgot to keep buzzing them , but I guess because of the blood test done on day 1, it seemed unlikey he would get ill, which he didnt.

    I do however know someone whos baby conrtacted the infection and it led to meningitis. The swab test had not been done during her pregnancy and nothing was checked after baby was born or before the were asked to go home (hospital was having a busy day ).

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    Jan 2007

    I tested positive and had no dramas at all. Barely noticed the goings on with that while in labour. I've been told that I will have the drugs again this time because I tested positive the first pregnancy.

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    Dec 2005

    I tested positive and no dramas here. I was definitely still positive at birth as my swab was done on Thursday afternoon and I my waters broke early the next morning. Sam spent some time in SCN, but that was due to his being early, not the GBS. They just watched my temperature and his a little more closely than normal. It took them some time to get hold of my results, so I only had antibiotic coverage for an hour before birth.


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    Sep 2008
    Sunshine Coast QLD

    I didn't get offered the test first pregnancy so who knows but this time around i tested positive too so i'm glad you asked this as i was wondering the same thing..

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    Feb 2007

    when do they do this test again???

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    Nov 2008

    My sister was positive with both her boys. The first birth was pretty full on as she was induced (as she 'sprung a leak' at 38 weeks) which resulted in a lot of intervention. Quick birth but full on.

    With her second, she leaked again at 38 weeks so they broke her waters and she went into labour on her own and had a beautiful, fast, drug free water birth at a birthing centre

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    Sep 2008

    Thanks Guys

    Preagainpain - test is about 36ish weeks