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    I had an ultra sound yesterday and was told that baby is Posterior. i asked the DR if this is why i am getting so much back pain when i walk more then 10 minutes or clean. he was not sure - does any one else know? also is there a way to turn the baby? I also have an anterior placenta will the baby turn? I have been told Posterior labours are longer and more painful please help

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    A posterior baby has their back against yours, so it's associated with backache labour which is not pleasant! Apart from that, labour can also be slow to start, slow in general and often it's misdiagnosed as CPD or "pelvis too small" / "baby too big" when it's actually in a posterior position - midwives and doulas have seen this where mum goes off for a caesar and surprise surprise, baby is posterior.

    The best thing you can do is optimal fetal positioning. Dont slouch. When you sit make sure your hips are above your knees, e.g. sit on a pillow to lift your bum up or sit on the edge of a couch. Spend some time each day leaning over a fitball - kneel and lean forward. Check out the spinning babies website. Do lots of reading on posterior babies and how to best manage it in labour, as if you do go into labour with a posterior baby, you'll want to do things to help turn bubs and that way the back pain will be less and the birth will probably be smoother too. Your bubs may turn without any of this, but it's always a great idea to try. If you can afford a doula, it will be a good investment, other than that read, read, read!!!
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    My baby is half posterior.. if that makes sence.. he is on his side, which they still class as slight posterior.. my midwife told me to go on all fours at least a couple times a day.. and prepared me for a possible longer labor..
    fingers crossed your baby turns..

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    I agree with what everyone has already told you in here, try all of those things to see if bub will fall into postion. All five of my babies including this one has been posterior and have delivered two face up. I have had 3 drug free labours and have been induced 3 times with prostaglandin gels. None of my babies have ever engaged, they just float around in there until active labour. I have back pain during pregnancy and labour, it kills doesn't it.
    As for the length of labour this is how mine have gone:

    DD#1 40+6 8lb 1oz 3 days stop start followed by 18 1/2 hour labour including 3 hours of pushing up hill,lol.
    DD#2 40+6 7lb 6 and a half oz 6 hours of niggly nothing pain and 3 1/2 hour labour
    DD#3 40+6 8lb 10 oz 8 hours of niggly nothing pain and 1 hour labour
    DD#4 40 7lb 12oz 10 hours of niggly nothing pain and 2 hour labour
    Good luck on turning bub.

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