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    I had my 34 week appointment this week and the dr told me that bub is posterior at the moment. He didnt seem overly concerned and last week bub was anterior head down on the left , so I know that chances are he/she might co-operate but is there anything i can do to make sure bub moves into an anterior position??

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    Hi 76stars
    Try spending 20 minutes twice a day on your elbows and knees.

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    Im not too sure if this helps tp turn bub but the midwife always says that when sitting down try and sit on something that has your knees below your hips as this tilts your pelvis forward as well as standing up and rotating your pelvis around in circles. When Im watching tv i sit on a chair backwards therfore my pelvis is open and leaning forward. hope this helps, bub still has a while to move back down.

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    Thanks for the tips! Will try them all and see what happens!

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