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    The last 2 days/nights I have had period like pains, at times rather painful. And the braxton hicks are occuring way more often than usual. It doesn't seem to go away. I never got any of this with my first, so am wondering if I would be going through Pre-Labour? What are your experiences with pre-labour?

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    My experience with pre labour was. At 35 weeks i started to have loose stools (sorry TMI) then the day i hit 36 weeks i had braxton hicks contractions that were coming every 10 mins that went on everyday for 2 weeks. The week leading up to having my baby i had days of feeling giddy and hyper, more loose stools, i felt nauseas at times and very tired but couldn't sleep.

    I had my little girl at 38+1 so my pre labour went for 3 weeks.

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