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Thread: Pre-labour, or just normal late pregnancy feelings?

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    Default Pre-labour, or just normal late pregnancy feelings?

    It's got me beat!

    Since Friday night, I've been feeling really "out-of-sorts" and grumpy, wanting to withdraw from people. Yesterday I had a panicky whirlwind clean up of the house, multiple loads of washing, repacked my labour bag, and was obsessing about everything that "needs to be done" before bubs arrives.

    I've been getting non-painful tummy tightenings pretty much every 15 minutes or so, and periody type pains in my back (you know, those ones where if you get them and you're not pregnant, you think, OK here it comes then!). I've had to have a hot water bottle wedged in my back all night for the last two nights. Very soft number 2, and happening at least twice per day. Can't seem to get comfortable. Hubby came in to check on me while I was asleep this morning as he said I was moaning in my sleep!!!!

    Sorry for the ramble....could this be pre-labour? Or is it just the way you feel in the last month?

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    [url=]Labour Signs - Could I Be In Early Labour?[/url]
    [url=]Early Labour Tips For Coping At Home[/url]

    Hope these help
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    Ive had the stomach tightenings and period pain type feelings too and the uncomfortableness over the past 2-3 days and i start to think ooow here we go and then nothing! I just want it over with now!

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    Me too! I've been having period type pains and stomach tightenings since last Saturday (over a week now!) and this morning I had 'shooting' pains right down low in my groin... I was sure that today was the day when I got out of bed today but now I'm not feeling anything...haha!

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    Thanks Kate! I hope our little fella decides to come out soon!

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