thread: Pre labour? Only 35 weeks, going insane!!!

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    Pre labour? Only 35 weeks, going insane!!!


    I have been having pre-labour symptoms for the last 3 days which are getting worse and driving me insane.. I am 35 weeks today so it seems quite early to be in so much pain.. I saw my obs yest, who reassured me was quite nomal and if baby did decide to arrive they would be fine so basically to just relax, take it easy etc... Easy to say but i have a 2 1/2 yo to look after and i havnt finished getting the babies things ready!!
    I have constant annoying period pain, which goes through to my lower back, plus I am getting really painful BH..
    I have heard heaps that it is more painful with the second baby but I am struggling to get things done, need to sit down all the time!!
    has anyone had similar??
    Any suggestions???


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    I am well behind you in gestations but I have been having period type pains every day for a couple of weeks now. NO sign of BH though, or leaky boobs, or anything other than major blood pressure fluxuations.

    Rest up and good luck!

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    I've been exactly the same with quite painfull bh, and some pressure pain like every now and then. I sometimes get the feeling my waters are about to break or baby is gonna fall out. My back pain has been insane and i have absolutly no energy and i know what you mean about looking after another child, my son is 3 and quite demanding lately. I went to hospital during the week and they said my baby is 3/5th engaged so i hope its not going to be too much longer. Id love if my baby came 2 weeks early!

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    I have an irritable uterus, BH hurt quite a lot for me, much like early labour pains. I am 27 weeks and these take my breath away and make my eyes water. As long as they dont get closer together or regular then some panadol should help.

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    For me, actual labour pains were no different for any subsequent babies. Its the after pains - recontracting the uterus - that is more painful each time.

    If the pain is emanating through your back, it probably means that bub is posterior - which does change the pains because you have your back screaming for relief as well as contraction pain. The spinning babies website has techniques that may help get bub anterior again. BH and pre-labour however can come and go for a while, or come and stay for a while too. If regular painkillers can help, then take a couple of them and see how you go.

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    Thanks every one for your responses.. I am getting used to the pains and have taken some panadeine when needed.. Just to add to the fun my boobs have been running like taps which is quite annoying!!
    Its so weird, last night i was so tired and having severe period like pain so I went and had a shower... After the shower I had this massive burst of energy and went and packed bags (labour bag, hospital bag, baby bag, toddlers bag fro granmas...) I couldnt stop, I then sat and made lists of what i still need to do....!!!
    Today I have been cleaning, tidying and more cleaning, Talk about nesting!!
    Its great to hear there are other people out there going through the same thing as me.. Thanks again..

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    My sister is due on the 14th April and she has been having prelabour for a week now. She even started loosing her plug. I actually think she will go over. Another friend of mine lost her plug at 34 weeks and went into prelabour and she was a week overdue.
    I know it's not the news you were hoping for but yes it is normal and sorry but you might have a while to go with it yet