thread: Pre-Term this normal??

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    Jul 2005

    Pre-Term this normal??

    Hi there All

    Just wondering is it normal to have such anxieties about going into early labour??

    I feel incredibly taken aback by this awful feeling and was wondering is it just me or do other women go through this at this stage??



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    Dianna, yes it is normal! Going into early labour was one of the things I worried about in my PG too. The possiblity of something going wrong in PG is such a scary thought.


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    Jul 2005

    I feel like an absolute ding dong - there are women out there who can not even fall pregnant and I'm sitting here feeling emotional and sorry for myself - scared to death about a "What If"....I feel so dumb #-o yet sad at the same time.

    I can't believe how much we love our little munchkins before they are even born - I think that I am so excited and in disabelief about my pregnancy (looking at my stomach you wouldn't think so) that it may have just hit home for me especially as now I am getting closer to crunch time

    di xxx

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    Mar 2004

    Dianna, there's no need to feel like a ding-dong - we all go through all sorts of fears during our pregnancies. Its a very emotional time for most of us and, as you say, even before our little ones are born, we are full of love and protective feelings towards them so the thought of something going wrong affects us very strongly.

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    Dianna, i can understand you feeling this way - and there is definately no reason for you to feel bad about it. i would read all my pg books and see how much chance my baby had of survival at this stage, just for peace of mind, and see prem babies in the paper and think about that. but there really is no reason to worry too much (not that that stops us of course). but do remember that even now the care available to early arrivals is amazing. but im sure your bub is quite happy right where it is for some time yet (then you will be willing it out!!!!!)


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    Mar 2005

    Hun, both my bubbas were both at 35 weeks and 5 days (NYAH) now nearly 4 and WILLIAM 35 weeks and 6 days and both were a little quite but still fine and weighed well Nyah 6lbs 13.5ozs and Will 6lbs 7.5 ozs so hun if they're ready to come then they are, you'll be fine, just take some deep breathes and say to yourself, "I can't do anything about this now is when I'm having the baby, so I have to deal with it now, and hun ENJOY. O

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    OMG - I had so much anxiety about labour from about 32 weeks. Iwas having panic attacks about it all. Mine wasn't abot early labour so much as labour, but I hear you on the anxiety.

    Can I suggest you contact your hospital and talk to the midwives or the maternal support worker? This did wonders for me.


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    May 2004

    Not a dumb feeling. I feel the same and i'm less than 20 weeks. Actually I will worry about everything and once a worry has been squashed, there is always something else to worry about It's the hormones that are dumb!

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    This is a very common concern and it is addressed in out article, Fears In Labour - Top 12 Fears.

    It's ironic that we can have such a fear of early labour, especially with our first babies, when it's our first pregnancy which is most likely to be longer in duration than subsequent pregnancies.
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    Jul 2005

    thanks Everyone

    My sister had her second baby yesterday (which is absolutley gorgeous and perfect \/ ) so I probably feel that the pressure is on me now - no one is actually putting any pressure on me besides myself but up until yesterday I had the fact that my sis was going to have her baby first and had that in the back of my mind for the last 23weeks - now it seems that the spot light is on us - which is lovely as there is no negativity surrounding me or my bubba - it's just that now I feel that it's all up to me to make it to the finish line - i'm struggling to explain this but that's how "I" feel - besides that the friggin Braxton Hicks are frightening me - this is another new thing to deal with.....they only started this week

    Besides all that emotional mumbo jumbo I feel good - my stomach is getting massive and I'm sure that the little bubba will be a soccer player - it's the hormones that are driving me bonkers :smt022

    thanks again for all the words of support - I'm very good at giving advice but it seems that I struggle to take the advice I dish out to other pregnant friends - what ever happens will happen - I know that I have done everything good to give this little treasure the best chance at life - unfortunately the rest is not up to me.... O


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    Feb 2005
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    congrats to your sister!!! dont feel as though this is a test or anything that you have to pass or fail. there is no pressure on you to 'do' pg right.

    the hormones can be pretty bad, but hopefully they will settle down a bit for you soon and you will be able to enjoy the limelight you are now in!!! (i was a bit the opposite when a few other gilrs fell pg after me - i was a afraid of losing it LOL)

    you are doing everything right for your bubba, now just try to enjoy the journey yourself!!