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    Hi im wondering if anyone else has or is suffering from this DH and I are at a bit of a loss as I just cant seem to sleep? Get tired go to bed and nothing lie awake for ages only I cant I get up walk around and thats about it!!!! Have a read do all these things, stay away from caffeine and sugars at night/early arvo I dont really do anything to really keep myself awake? Any suggestions?


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    I always said it was to get your body in preperation for a newborns feeding patterns LOL! Coz I'm having it too, quite badly, and I'm finding I'm also a lighter sleeper than usual so if I wake up I can't go back to sleep for ages if at all! Not much I can recommend I'm afraid but if you find a solution let me in on it


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    One of my theories for this (I think my Mum told it to me when I was pg) is that your bub inside you has a metabolism of its own, which is always going at a super fast rate what with all of the growing and developing thats going on, and maybe its possible that it somehow interferes with our own natural sleep patterns etc?
    This used to make sense to me as I would lie awake at night when pg, feeling like there was this little annoying 'buzzing' feeling inside me that just would not let me sleep!
    Or that theory could be a load of baloney too... LOL 8-[

    Sorry, but I actually dont have any suggestions except for maybe doing meditation or relaxation excercises before bedtime...

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    OMG I had it sooooooo bad towards the end and it was horrible. My doctor suggested Valerian and that did the trick for me. You can get it in the chemist/health food shop/supermarket and it comes in tablet or liquid form, I used the tablets because my mum has used the liquid before and it smells awful.


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    I found going for a short walk/waddle before bedtime, then coming home having a nice cool shower and then jumping into bed worked wonders for me.

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    I am sufering from insomnia atm. I too always thught it was your body getting ready for bubs and then constant getting up. I like your mum's theory, Ambah, that culd actually be true. I might get some f the Valerian, that you suggested Bec, I need a good nights sleep. Actually I probably need a bigger bed too so Rob can stop turning over and elbowing me in the head and waking me up.

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    I am getting the same thing i got all of about 2 hours sleep last night, And the night before i ended up sitting up watching some strange movie on SBS about an agency that adopted out senior citizens to family that were in need of a parental or grandparent it was very strange it was an old guy that ended up with a family and fell for the maids mother i think it was her mum anyways the movie was in german i think and i had to read the whole thing it was very odd movie. Sometimes a glass of warm milk helps me sleep but lately thats just not working.
    Have a great day

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    Yep, I am another sufferer. Some nights are worse then others, but generally my eyes and body are really tired, but my mind doesn't let me rest.

    Going to bed later seems to help a bit, but I too think it's just your body preparing for whats ahead. Kind of makes sense, as it would be a hell of a shock if we went from getting fantastic sleep, to getting almost non when bubs is born

    Not much I can suggest either It's just one of those things.

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    Kazz I have nearly a whole jar of the tablets left if you want them. We can arrange a meeting so I can give them to you too

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    Hi all

    Not suffering really badly from insomnia as such, but I was having trouble dropping off to sleep both from my mind going over all these things and from the baby moving about a bit. One of my belly buddies suggested chamomile tea before bed and I have found that very helpful. Think it calms down bubs as well.

    Might help some of you?

    Cheers and :sleeping: to everyone!

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    DoubleK Guest


    My suggestion is a warm bath and a good book before bed!

    perhaps i should try and take my own advise, i hardly get any sleep these days! and when i feel myself drifting of finally. . . i will get lots and lots of movements in my belly to keep me awake!

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