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    Well I really didnt know where to post this but just thought I would do it here cause its been a rough time for me and considering Im finding it difficult to find any information about it I just thought id tell you guys about it so that if you come across it you can look here...

    I know there is one other person in our lovely forum who has this but I just wanted to know if there were others who have previosly experienced this or r experiencing this and what happend with the rest of your pregnancy???

    My Story

    Tuesday night - I had really bad asthma and was taking my puffer EVERY 3 hours which is bad for me and taking heaps of hot steamy showers to try relax me a bit... I coughed ALL damn night and poor danny was kept up cause I needed him to rub my back.

    Wednesday - called the midwife and said Ive got really bad asthma and she just said to see the GP so i made an appoinment to see another doctor in the surgery cause my GP was sick, she said that I didnt look good and gave me antibiotics cause she thought I had a chest infection but said if I start to use my puffer more than 3 hourly than to go straight to hospital (well, im pretty stubborn so I wasnt going any where near the hospital!)

    Wednesday night - I couldnt breathe! I was up all night trying to breathe at 2am I said to danny "im gonna have a shower and if it doesnt work were off to the hospital" I finally got off to sleep and then at 6am I couldnt do it any longer I couldnt breathe so off to the hospital for us!

    Thursday - so here we are in the emergency department, they were trying to work out why the hell my heart beat was constantly at 160 and going up to 220 at times, they were kinda worried and gobsmacked that I didnt come in earlier!!
    Anyway after them giving me a puffer I started to vomit I felt horrible!my heart beat hadnt come down so they decided to give me a canula which fricken hurt! and then cause my heart rate came down a fair bit around 120-130 I nearly passed out! but at least I was a bit more stable now.
    Then i started to panik about the baby, its stopped moving (musta just gone to sleep) but all I was thinking was "How is this gonna effect my little baby" so they did a CTG and bubs was great
    After that a doctor came to see me and ask me ALL the questions Id been asked AGAIN AND AGAIN.. and then he picked up that I had a really sore calf which indicated that I could have a clot in my calf, so we went to get a ultra sound done...nothing was picked up which I was glad about but still they didnt know what was wrong so they sent me down for a CT scan which was the WORST damn experience ive EVER had!
    I went in and they pumped ink through my canula through to my veins and it really hurt!I started to get a bit teary (not the first time that day let me assure you) and the nurse was like "what are u worried about? we are here to help u" I was fricken petrified!!! stupid lady!
    Firstly this sensation of a bucket of water being poured over me and then a BAD metalic taste in my mouth THEN i felt like I peed my pants (which I didnt)so THAT was over and guess what happens! I vomit EVERYWHERE its was SO embarresing so this cute CT scanner guy was cleaning me up...NOICE!

    so back to emergency to find out what the verdict was, and to wash the vomit outa my hair! so its about 7pm and the lady comes in and says im being admitted to hospital, that there is a clot in my lung and im gonna have to have 2 injections daily! so I just started bawling my eyes out!im so petrified of needles let alone having to give myslef them daily!
    so here Iam chucking up every 5mins and wondering when I was gonna get outa this emergency department and into a bed! danny said he would stay till I got a room but every hour came and went! I was hooked up to all these stupid machines and everytime I had to goto the toilet I had to let the nurse help! at 11pm after all the crying I did I finally fell asleep and danny quietly left... the poor thing was so exsausted I had the worst nights sleep, getting woken up to take meds and given injections.. I HATE the Emergency this little 3yr old came in with burns and was screaming at like 2am it was horrible! I woke up at like 6am and couldnt get back to sleep, STILL 24 hours later in the emergency!!!! danny came at 8am he was furious that I was stil there at 9:45 they finally moved me to antenatal and the nurses couldnt beleive i was there ALL night!

    Friday - still chucking up and crying and my heart rate is still high but the doctor said it will go down with the injections I just have to rest! So by now Im a total pin cusion by now and one of the nurses came to take the canula out which REALLY hurt and then i chucked and then one of the nurses came in to give me a maxalon shot and i just couldnt take it any more I just wanted to be left alone and not given ANY needles or anything! so she ended up giving me a lecture saying "If i want this baby I need to look after it yadda yadda" I was like this is NOT what I need so I went to sleep! saturday and sunday were fine I just slept heaps and the nurses were force feeding me so i didnt really eat that much..

    Monday - I get the all clear frm the doctor to go home so i packed my bags quickly! but this rude nurse came in and said that id have to have home nurse care and cause she wasnt notified earlier she wasnt going to orginise it and I wasnt going to be let off JUST cause I had to have the needle I was SO cranky so i told them i wasnt staying just for that! so they said to stay for this needle and then I could go but would have to come back tuesday (today) for another needle that danny would be learning how to give it to me!

    Thursday 8th June
    Go into Obs for referal for MORE tests GREAT!

    Thursday 15th June
    Go into OBs and get test results.... went to the Ob appoinment this morning and got the tests results back and there is an underlying problem but the OB didnt explain the results to me very well cause he said they are compilcated he said that I have a bad imune system and that having the baby it kinda went spaz (like rejected the baby) because it was too foreign for it and as a result I got a blood clot and it could of been prevented (i would of just been on the clexane, blood thinning agent earlier) in the start... Also that I will probley have more problems with other births and also with my kidneys later in life, they are worried that the little bubba hasnt been growing like it should be and could come out small, so Im getting a scan next tuesday and am a bit worried bout that cause of course as a mum I am worried about my little baby... SO the plan is to play everything by ear one day I could b pregnant the next they could b inducing me! which is really weird??? im like if my body is kinda rejecting the bub wouldnt it have better survival outside??? and wouldnt ALL these drugs im on be doing something??? I didnt ask all the questions I should of at the appointment cause I was scared and confused im STILL scared and confused and really trying to hold back the tears...

    yeah so thats my story and if u want to add to this or no ANYTHING about this please tell me cause its [email protected] not knowing whats going on!!!!

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    What a horrific time you are having. And it doesn't help when some of the medical profession forget you are a person and not a number. What happened to bedside manner?!!!

    I will be thinking of you and please feel free to rant when ever you want.
    Take care and big hugs to you,

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