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Thread: Querie's???????

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    Question Querie's???????

    I will be 35 weeks on saturday and iv had trouble with bub being a little back to back had midwife on monday and she said shes turned as is now on the side and since then iv noticed her move right around with back facing out also this past month iv been experiencing alot of pressure down below really funny sensations and more discharge than before is this common as this is mine and partners first baby and its all new to me and i tend to get very paranoid about everything!! Also when would you be likely to have a show is that further on and also when do babys most likely tend to go engaged as with all the pressure i was having and trips to the loo i thought that was maybe the case and i was engaged but midwife said she was still free from brim but my belly has dropped why is that? Hope any of u ladies can help me with these little queries...

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    In the last 4 or 5 weeks of my pregnancy, I did notice more pressure down low. I did get some funny feelings down there also - felt like a pulling stretching feeling.
    I lost my show at about 38 weeks.
    I'm not sure on the droppping. Everyong around me told me I had dropped - i think this was around 32-34 weeks and by then she was engaged 2/5, or maybe it was 3/5? cant remember now. I didnt think I looked like I dropped though.

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