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Thread: really tmi..sorry!!

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    Default really tmi..sorry!!

    ok i have a question that contains just tmi, Im very sorry but just have to ask..ok when my partner and i were a bit "busy" if u know what i mean,lol he has said to me the last two times that it feels rather"different" down there like really i too have noticed it feels very different.Im 38 weeks today does anyone know if this is a sign of baby coming soon??is this just a normal feeling towards end of pregnancy? i dont remember this with my daughter..

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    Hey tasha

    towards the end of pregnancy and as the baby engages in the pelvis, this causes some venous congestion in the vagina (swelling) and gives the impression of the vagina 'opening' basically the walls of the vagina are like roman blinds (for a better explanation ) so it can expand and fold up

    its not really an indication that labor is close

    xx yogababy

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    Laughing here at "expand and fold up"...eeuwww!!!

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