thread: Reduction in baby movement

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    Reduction in baby movement

    OK paranoid first time mum here.
    I have been a little concerned over the past few days because my baby’s movements have dropped off quite a bit. My baby is normally quite active and moving every few hours for about 20 min or so. Over the last 48 hours or so I’m only feeling a little bump a few times a day. No where near as aggressive as they have been.

    I am not in any pain or discomfort and I still have most of my pregnancy symptoms i.e. heartburn. The one thing that has changed is that my breast usually leak quite a bit since the 15 week mark and that has also almost stopped. I just wondered if it was normal for the babies movements to drop off at this stage. I would have thought if anything they would become more noticeable as the baby gets stronger.

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    Ah Lolly it's so stressful isn't it? When I was pg, I would freak if I had a few quiet days too. If you are really stressed, hang the expense and go and see your ob or doc just to check everything out. It will ease your mind and then you can relax again. Everything is most likely perfectly fine, but the stress of it all won't do you any good.

    You could always try a really large cold glass of juice drunk quickly(apple always worked well for me) and then lie down in a quiet room. I found that this got bub kicking if I was stressed out.

    Good luck!

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    babys tend to grow though growth spurts, causing them to be extremely active for a few days and then barely move at all for the next couple of days. annoying isn't it? you should have at least ten movements from bubs over a period of 24hr (be aware that you may not notice them if they occur when you are sleeping).

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    I was the same!! She didn't move as much about 22-28 weeks. It may be a change of position, but I would have say 3 quiet days and then alot of movement, then hardly anything. So don't worry, but do see someone if it concerns you xoxox

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    Hi fellow Feb mum!
    I posted virtually the same question a week or so ago, so it must be about now that this happens! I agree with the growth spurt thing, as my belly has grown a bit since a few quiet days.
    I got worried too, but after a few days, he or she was back on track. I found playing music through headphones on my belly got bubs moving - and taking some time out to really concentrate on your baby's movements, while lying down.

    My ob said it's not until 28 weeks or something where you should feel movement regularly - before that not too worry too much.
    I'm sure all is fine, but can understand your concern.

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    Jun 2005

    Lolly - sometimes I feel like this too.. bubba will move so much and then go on a little vacation!! Just lie back and relax a bit more if possible but I agree if it comes to the point where you dont feel anything for a few days, I would go have a check up.

    Big kisses from your Feb Buddy xx

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    I also found that squishy would have a few quiet weeks... a bit of movement, but not like normal, and then it would start up again..

    Apparently if you drink a glass of really ice cold water they don't like it and it makes them move around a lot...

    Could just be the position that the baby is in, its probably kicking and moving, but you can't feel it as much...

    If you really want to be reassured, go see the dr just to get it checked out (or find somebody with a stethescope, and see if you can hear the baby's heartbeat)...

    Btw, I also have leaky boobs (mainly when i lie down at night)... from around 24 weeks... I find it really annoying, but i can't wear a bra and boob pads to bed as its too uncomfortable... what do you do?

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    Thanks all, It gave me a good excuse to go and buy a tub of chocolate ice cream. I ate it and then lay down for a while and movement defiantly picked up. Not sure if it was from the cold of the ice cream or the sugar hit but I feel much better about it now and have stopped worrying as much .

    Yael – I don’t wear a bra to bed either, I tried that with the breast pads but also found it to uncomfortable. I just go without and put a clean shirt on every night. The leakage comes out easily in the wash so I’m not that worried about it. I was also leaking during the day also so I had to wear the pads during the day. My leakage seems to have stopped though but I am still wearing them just in case. There is nothing worse than having wet patches on your shirt when your at work.

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    Mar 2004

    Bubs has always been really active - there's been no such thing as quiet day in my tummy but since last night I've had much less movement than normal. I've heard about the 10 kicks in 24 hours thing but I'm wondering if that applies to all babies regardless of wether they are hyperactive or not. I kind of feel like bubs has always been so hyper that 10 movements would be abnormally quiet and I'm wondering if I should toddle up to the hospital for a spot of monitering although I've probably over the 10 kick mark.

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    Hi Lolly

    Dont worry hun. This is normal. Your baby has less room to move now, and is being held tightly by your uterus.

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    Wilson Guest

    i had less movement yesterday as well and freaked out, he has started again thankfully but it does worry you!!

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    From my experience and I have heard so many tragic stories in last 17 months since my DD died in utero - I talked to /met mothers who sensed reduced movements but didn't get it assessed or didn't know how important it was till sadly it was too late. I don't want to alarm anyone but save someone the unnecessary lifelong heartache of losing a baby.

    As the others have said at least 10 movements in 24 hrs ~ after 28wks!

    If you intinct tells you the baby is moving less or hasn't moved even for 12 hrs - get it checked - better to make sure baby is safe then wait and see. Though tragedy is rare it happens and the mothers blame themselves for not listening to their gut intinct.

    It might be cord compression or cord tightening around the neck reducing movement or something else - tomorrow may be too late. They cannot refuse to see you or check the baby if you turn up at maternity ward no matter what the hour if you are worried about movement . JUST DO IT ! and don't wait. I would much rather appear a fool and a nervous,panicky mother than a be a bereaved mother.

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    Mar 2004

    Trish, thanks for the advice - you're so right. Of course bubs woke up and went nuts as soon as they started monitering (they wrote fetal movement ++++ on our file) so I looked like a total doofus but I would have felt even stupider if there had been something wrong and I had ignored it.

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    I am glad everything was okay - don't ever worry what anyone thinks - the baby comes first always. YOu did the right thing and what a relief off your mind I bet.

    When mums are in that situation that can be so worried and stressed - anything that eases it - it a good thing.

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    When do the movements start getting less? I am heading to the 27th week soon and wondering if this is when the baby does not move as much. Mine actually slides more than kicks.

    Is the doppler a lifesaving device that should be used more often after the 27th week? My OB warned me about this only because I told him of a friend who's baby dies 3 weeks before it was supposed to be born. Apparently, the chord was wrapped around it's neck. I just get so scared!!

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    Mar 2004

    AFAIK you should get the same number of movements towards the end of your pregnancy however the movements might get smaller as bubs runs out of room.