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Thread: Reset button???

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    Default Reset button???

    DD thought it was the funniest thing….. Making the noise "POP" as DD pushed my belly button in, I jumped in pain. Ouch!!!

    Its now flat, bruised, blue and very sore to touch. Until now it looked like a malteaser was under the skin now its gone. Completely Flat.

    The whole area is bruised. Ouch. Why hasn’t it come back out? Its been 3 days now.

    Also Note Im over my date, could it be a reset button, will I need to wait another 9 months? .... he-he

    No seriously it hurt..


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    I have no advice for you... but OUCH!

    Celsie. xoxox

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    hehe kaylene thats so cute how your DD pushed your button in! hehe made me laugh... however i'm sure it did hurt!!!! maybe bubs is holding it in on the other end and playing a game with her sibling? not sure.... hehe

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