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Thread: Is this safe?

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    Default Is this safe?

    I will be going to my dad's wedding at the end of September which is in Sydney. I will also be 38 weeks pregnant. I would like to go but is there any reason i shouldn't? I'll be driving down and it takes about 3 hours to get there.

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    I don't think so as long as you don't go into labour :-) I am driving for about 11 hrs to Brissie and back when 35wks. I've been told to stop often, do little exercises and keep well hydrated.

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    Sounds like it should be OK, as long as you're happy with it. If nothing changes, I'll be driving up to my parents', about a 6-7 hr trip, in January some time (when my DH can get time off work) so could well be about ready to pop and it doesn't phase me - at least I know where all the potential loo stops are!

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    mooshie Guest


    i think it should be okay, maybe just take a few stops to stretch your legs.

    my cousin is flying out from the states tommorrow to come to melbourne to have her baby (she is from here but lives over there and her mum and dad are here and her mum has breast cancer) so that is why she has chosen to come back home for the birth. get this she only has 6 wks to go - OMG i can't believe she is flying and that the airlines said it was okay.

    so based on that i think driving for 3hrs should be fine. have a nice time at the wedding

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    grouchfrog Guest


    I made a 14 hour car trip home to visit my parents at 34 weeks. My midwife told me to get out of the car and move every 2 hours, to drink lots of water (dehydration can cause premature labor), and to take a copy of my medical records along just in case. Everything worked out fine and I had a nice visit at home.

    Good luck with your travel plans!

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    julesy Guest


    SarahXan - that drive to Brissie is a killer isn't it??

    Tegen - I'm sure you'll be fine, but like everyone else says, I'd stop often, drink loads of water (which will help you stop often!!!) and stretch your legs as much as you can. I'd also get there with a few hours to spare so you can have a little rest prior to the festivities!!

    Good luck!


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    Yep, same here, drink heaps & walk around a bit. At least a half way stop.

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    merrie Guest


    my only worry would be if you go into labour and you wont be able t o give birth at your chosen place with your chosen carer. but it is one of those things you need to balance

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    If you've got a mobile phone make sure you take it and it's fully charged just in case.

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