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    Hey chicksters,

    Well it seems if it's not one thing then it's another. I am suffering excrutiating pain in my lower right hip/back which I have been told is due to pressure on my sciatic nerve. I tried looking for any info where it may have been mentioned before but couldnt come across anything.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep it at bay? Any help would be very greatly appreciated.

    Sooooo over it all - 5 more weeks - think positivley only 5 more weeks!!

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    Hi Sooz

    Sorry hun but there is little that you can do for this.

    Try panadol. But no more than 8 tablets in 24 hours.

    You may find some relief by spending some time on your hands and knees, well actually your elbows and knees. This can sometimes take a little pressure of the nerve.

    Hope these ideas help

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    Arrrrgh I was worried someone was going to say that!!

    Thanks for your help anyway Alan, I'll just grin and bear it! (through the swear words and tears!)

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    Susan ... I literally feel your pain! ](*,)

    I've been putting a heat pack on whenever I can, but the pain keeps me up at night. I'm dying for a good night's sleep! (esp. when I didn't get to bed until 12 last night and DH has just started grape picking ... 5:30 wake up call!!!)

    If you find something that works ... let me know! [-o<

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    Hey BabyCrazy - the only thing I have come across that seems to be of a little assistance is to lay on the opposite side of the one you are getting the pain in (mine only shoots down my right hand side so laying on my left seems to release the pressure a bit) and just generally putting your feet up as much as possible. I find the more I am up and walking aorund the more pain I experience. Hope that helps!

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