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    My second bub is due any time now and I was just wondering how different peoples second birth was for them, I'm starting to feel pretty scared now about going through it all again, I know I can have pain releif but I would rather have as natural labour as possible. I was 6 days over with my first so am I more likely to go over this time too? I'm getting lots of bh's and some days I thinnk that this must be it but then after about 12 hrs they just vanish(never had this with the first). I'm also getting lots of pressure pressing right down which feels very strange, its not painful and not really that uncomfortable just feels very odd!
    This time round I think I could almost be about twice the size I was the first time round to, I've got so many strechmarks its not funny and my belly button as turned inside out and the skin is so tender and itchy. I had to have my waters broken the first time round, is this likely to happen again or during most second time labours are they more likely to break by themselves, if so do you get any warning....I still have lots of xmas shopping to do and would hate it to happen whilst out!
    A friend of mine has suggested I take raspberry leaf tablets to help everything along and to try and speed it all up, has anyone else taken these and does it work? Well if anyone has any tips, tricks or can enlighten me with how their second time went it would be great.


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    Hey sound pretty anxious (thank you Captain Obvious I hear you say). I've got just under 6 weeks to go until Ramlet supposedly arrives. I'm a little apprehensive but am taking steps to make sure I relax and not talk myself into a state of "freak-out". The mind is a powerful thing.

    I got a huge boost today, went for a reflexology session and the practitioner (she's a gem) gave me some excellent feedback. She said my organ function is excellent and I'm very strong physically. That's given me a bit of an edge psychologically I think! On top of was just very soothing to speak to someone who was helping me toward my goal of having an easier (hopefully) birth this time round.

    I'm bigger than I was the first time, James was 9lb 2oz and yes, contractions were painful and I had gas, pethidine and an epidural and it was all worth it in the end.

    I can't offer any feedback about the second time round, but I'm taking raspberry leaf tablets and BH are stronger and more frequent now, but strangely, less uncomfortable.

    I'm sure a great many of the other girls will be madly typing their posts away in response to yours. Stay positive and don't be scared! Thinking of you.

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