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Thread: Sharp internal pains

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    Default Sharp internal pains

    Have just hit the 30week mark and for the past couple of weeks every now and then have been getting sharp internal pains in different areas- kinda like needle sharp that only last for a little while then fade.

    Don't remember this with pg#1 - actually don't remember ALOT of things that are happening this pg happening the first time around.....what's with that?!?!?! LOL!!!

    Anyways, is it possible that bubby could be hitting nerves or something? Or finger/toe nails??? Is that even possible at this stage??

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    Hi Charlyfrog I can't believe you're at the 3rd Trimester already - gee that's gone in a flash!

    I remember the shooting pains. Don't know what it's from, but they would always strike quite randomly, from memory. Good excuse to take it easy, I say!

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