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Thread: sharp pain on the RHS body

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    Question sharp pain on the RHS body

    Hi Ladies!

    Im 37wks preggys i have been sleeping only on my right hand side (the only comfy sleeping position) but two days ago, ive been gettin this sharp pain on my right hand side of the body below the ribs and just on top of my hips. It comes and goes but wen it comes its sharp as if someone is pinchin it

    Does anyone have any idea of what it is? any advice? or is it just part of the aches and pains of 3rd trimester

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    Hi Karen,

    I'm not sure if I can help too much but the last couple of nights I've had a similar thing happening to me when I sleep on the right side. I'm pretty sure it's just bubs giving me some really good kicks (as they've been so bad I've had to put my hand there and can feel the movement)!! I've been getting them during the day too - god knows what bubs is doing so far around my side, it's very weird!!

    Hope it improves for you and remember, if you're worried, call your OB or midwife for the reasurance.

    Kelly xxx

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    Hi Kaz
    It's normal. one of the many joys of being pregnant

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    Thanx guys for the reply

    The only relieve for me from it atm is lyin down in bed (ive become bed ridden! ). It has restricted me in doin most stuff round the house though

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