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Thread: sharp pain on right side

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    Default sharp pain on right side

    Hi I am 30 weeks and have been getting a sharp pain on my right side, just above my hip bone and to the side (kid've before my bump starts..IYKWIM).. It is not regular or anything, it happened about a week ago and again last night..

    This morning I have terrible pain down low when walking (it feels lower then the front of the pubic bone) - does anyone have any thoughts ? could it be caused by consitpation ?!? Do you think it is worth calling my ob?

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    do you think it's a muscle strain? I've pulled muscles sneezing etc before which really kills, I get the sharp pains in the lower ab area all the time particularly when I stand up too quick but they usually go away after a few seconds unless I've actually strained/pulled a muscle then it hurts for a few days or so.

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    I have had a similar pain - sounds like the relaxin hormone is doing its thing and getting that pelvis/hips ready for your birth :-) The gap in your pubic bone widens a bit with pregnancy and doesn't always feel nice. Try to keep your knees together when you get up out of cars/chairs etc and when you roll over in bed...

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    Hi Iberru
    The apin in your side is probably caused by you body stretching to allow room for your growing baby. The pain near your pubic bone is caused by a hormone called relaxin. This hormone causes your joints and ligaments to be come loose and this helps your pelvis expand during birth. Unfortunately it is also what causes you to walk like a duck. It is also the cause of your pain. In the centre of your pubic bone there is a joint that normally never moves. However under the influence of relaxin this joint can and often does become loose. Because there is no cartilage in this joint the ends of the bones rub against each other and that is what causes the pain. To help reduce the pain walk slowly, take shorter steps. When getting out of the car or turning over in bed try to keep your knees together.

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