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Thread: Sharp Stabbing Pains

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    Default Sharp Stabbing Pains

    Every day now for the past week I have been getting REALLY BAD sharp stabbing pains in my cervix/vaginal area. Sometimes so bad that I am doubled over in pain and cannot move into another position. Yesterday's was so bad that my 7 year old DD had to support me. I never had this with DD, so I was wondering if anybody had any ideas.

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    If this pain is in your pubic bone it is caused by a hormone called relaxin. See my post under 'belly dropping'

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    Hi I too have been experiencing these pains quite frequently my OB has said same as Alan. so its all good!

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    Thank goodness for that. I keep scaring DH and DD. Poor little thing didn't know what was going on when mummy was bent over in pain crying on her shoulder.

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