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    Oct 2004


    I had just had my show, and am curious as to how long it was for everyone from having their show, to being in labour? I've been having contractions for a few weeks now, but they are getting stronger. I have an appointment at the hospital in a couple of hours so will see how things go. Just not sure on how long till labour begins because my mum had 3 c-sections so she couldn't answer me either.

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    Mine was at about 9am on the Saturday morning and contractions came again after that and I gave birth at 11pm that night. The contactions from 9am just started off very mild and got quite painful and close together at about 3pm which is when I went into hospital.


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    I had my show 4 days before being induced.


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    Oct 2003
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    I had my show a week before being induced... then had another one as apparently it can grow over if your cervix doesn't loosen up or something...I think 8-[

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    May 2004

    With both my pg, I had a show when I was in labour, very early in the 1st stage tho, so a few hours later I had my babies...


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    Hi Mel,
    I didn't lose my show at all.. or not that I noticed. It must have happened whilst I was in labour.

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    Nov 2003

    i had my show i think about 2 days before i went into labour

    take care

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    Oct 2003
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    LOL I just read the other thread on show and I had to laugh at myself not remembering entirely what happened... the other post was right I looked it up in my PG diary... I lost my show on Matilda's due date and was induced 16 days later... so I lost my show heaps before Matilda was born...