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Thread: show at 36 weeks

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    Default show at 36 weeks

    I felt lots of pressure last night and had a show and have back pain today.
    Is lobour very far away? And will baby be ok if she is born a little early.
    And should i stimulate lobour or just rest?
    The doctors are only guessing the edd anyway!
    Just a bit worried!

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    It sounds like it could be pre-labour to me. I would think that at 36 weeks you may as well rest so that if it is labour you have all your energy.
    If you're not ready for bubs to arrive a warm bath can sometimes slow things down a bit.

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    I would rest as much as you can. Labour can still be a week or so away after a show.

    If you have your baby at this gestation they should be fine. I had a late 34 wk, early 35 wk baby (depending on the dates you go by) and she was just fine. The paediatricians were there ready to help her breath and take her to the special care unit and they couldnt beleive how well she came out. She was tiny and had trouble feeding as she had not developed her sucking reflex proparly but apart from that she was fine. It just meant she was hard work for the first month with not much sleep as we had to feed her 2 hrly round the clock. It was all worth it though, of course. But at 36 wks your baby should be fine.

    I would still try to rest and keep cooking for just another few days to get to 37 wks if you can though.

    Good luck

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