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    I dont know if anyone else has experienced this but recently having a shower has made me feel really sick. I dont know if it is because I have been having breakfast before my shower (im on holidays) or whether the the water makes me too hot (I dont have really hot showers). Even after only a couple of minutes in the shower I get that feeling you get before you are going to pass out, clammy, racing heart and very nauseas (sp?).
    I guess I should try a cooler shower first and see if that helps.
    Any other ideas?

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    I too would say that its the hot water...
    I used to get that feeling when having a hot spa (which wasnt even when I was pg!)

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    Interesting ... I'm completely the opposite.

    Last few weeks with the weather changing and cos of bub I've been really moucussy (sp?) and runny nose, especially first thing in the morning. As such it makes me feel really sick as though I'm going to throw up (and often dry reach).

    Only thing that's been saving me is heading straight to the shower when I get up (the warmer the better) (plus with bub being posterior hot water on the back feels wonderful).

    Do try less hot water though ... sounds like it might be the problem.

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