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    Just wondering if it is normal for your morning sickness to come back in the third trimester. From about 6 - 14 weeks I was really sick and ended up being hospitalised for 3 weeks on a drip. Then when I got out of hospital I was fine, and have been ever since. But I am now 33 weeks and for the last week or so I have been vomiting most mornings when I wake up. Is this normal and does anyone know what I can do to avoid it???

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    A lot of people get morning sickness back in the 3rd trimester. Just make sure its not because you are hungry. Lots of small snacks. I would keep some dry plain biscuits beside the bed and have a nibble before you get up in the morning. This helped me a lot. Good luck. Just remember to not let yourself go too long between snacks

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    As Natalie has said a lot of people can get m/s during their 3rd trimester. I have heard of some people not getting it until they hit the 2nd or 3rd trimester. Definitley try the dry biscuits and have them before you get up out of bed and see how you go or if you can get someone to make you something to eat before you get up. I hope it eases up soon.

    Take Care

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    oohhhh.... I was just about to post too re: feeling sick. I do everything - small meals, sea sick bands, homeopathic "anit-vom" spray (called Vomiplex), and nothing works completly.. I get sick mostly last thing at night and first thing in teh morning, but I feel sick right now and it is only 4.45pm!!!!! This feeling combined with a horrible case of acid reflux / heartburn makes me feel horrible.... and it is getting worse..... the past 3 weeks it has been getting worse and worse and worse...

    all I can think is that at least this time it won't last for 20 weeks........ let me know if you find a cure!

    take care

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