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    Default sick with the flu

    man i'm so bummed. i've woken up this morning with i think the flu, sore throat, runny nose, cough, general feeling of crappyness in my head. i'm nearly 37 weeks and went to a local gp who wrote me our a script for amoxil capsules, and said they should be fine to take, and now i'm worried if i should take them or not. i don't see my ob till the end of the week, is there anything else i could try doing before then to rid me of this, or is wise to just take the tablets.
    any experience???

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    If you told your GP that you are pregnant then I would assume it is safe to take the capsules. I have had two lots of antibiotics already in this pregnancy .

    If you want to try something natural, my chiro (who is right into naturopathy, etc) recommended Olive Leaf Extract. I haven't yet tried it, but my DH did (it tastes terrible) and his cold went away within a day whereas mine turned into the flu, then bronchitis. I confirmed that it is OK to take while pg (that was why I didn't try it earlier, I wanted to be sure). Also keep up the fluids and Vitamin C.

    I hope you feel better soon you poor thing .

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