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    With my first baby my waters broke and contractions started asap. I cant really remember what they were like.... I am due to have my second anytime now, but this baby is breech, i have noticed i have dropped in the last 24 hours and i have been going to the toilet (#2 sorry tmi) twice already today which is not like me at all. The doctor will take my baby at 38 weeks because i have cholestasis of pregnancy and i am at a higher risk of having the baby earlier. So what i want to know what signs did you get before going into labour, how early did you drop with baby #2 or more? Just curious.....

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    With DD i lost the "mucus plug" with DS1 i was induced (not much help here sorry) with DS2 I woke and just 'knew'. They say your bowels get 'looser or more frequent' you BH may get stronger... back ache, really happy for a few days (i did do this with DD).
    Sorry not much help am i??

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    You usually lose your mucus plug 1-2 weeks before going into labor. Signs of labor include rupture of membranes (water breaks) and contractions which are strong and close together (such as every 5 minutes) and does not ease with walking or resting. These kind of contractions change the cervix. But since your baby is breech, are you scheduled for a c-section? If you are then you need to go to the hospital when you do start contracting on a regular basis because since this is your second pregnancy, you can dilate a lot faster than with your first child. Be sure you discuss these things with your physician.

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